Italian Restaurant in Antwerp

Looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in Antwerp? Look no further because Ferrier 30 offers you the ultimate Italian dining experience. Our kitchen is infused with the spirit of Italy, and we warmly welcome you to our stylish and cozy restaurant.

The Italian cuisine at Ferrier 30

At Ferrier 30, we draw inspiration from the delightful flavors of Italian cuisine. Our dishes are prepared with the purest ingredients, and we place great value on the quality of our products. In many cases, we even import basic ingredients directly from Italy to ensure the authenticity of the flavors.

Our talented chefs add a personal twist to classic Italian dishes, resulting in culinary masterpieces that will delight your taste buds. We aim for simplicity in our dishes, without excess, letting the richness of aromas take center stage.

Simplicity and richness

At Ferrier 30, we believe in a holistic experience that goes beyond just the food. Our restaurant has a modern and refined interior, both beautiful and timeless. We want the emphasis to be on the dishes and wines we serve. Our professional service is personal and relaxed, and we strive to make you feel welcome, ensuring you have an unforgettable evening.

A vibrant atmosphere

Ferrier 30 always exudes a lively and friendly atmosphere. We welcome you with open arms and invite you to be part of our culinary journey. Whether you're seeking a romantic dinner for two or a lively evening with friends, Ferrier 30 provides the perfect setting for every occasion.

Reserve your table today and discover the delicious flavors of Italian cuisine at Ferrier 30, the Italian restaurant in Antwerp. For us, it's all about the love of food and the art of hospitality. See you soon!