Ferrier 30 opened its doors on October 14, 2004, when the last descendant of the Lampis brothers, who had already opened 2 very successful restaurants in the old city center of Antwerp.
After De Gulden Beer and Arte, this was their first adventure in the hip Antwerp “Zuid” neighbourhood.

Ferrier came straight from the imagination of the chef and former business manager, Stefano Lampis. After more than 10 years as chef and co-owner of the Gulden Beer, he and his brothers wanted to design a business based on his concept and feeling.

The style that characterizes the Ferrier kitchen is strongly influenced by the Italian kitchen and mentality: purity of the ingredients (often the basic ingredients are imported themselves), a personal interpretation of classic Italian dishes, simplicity and a certain restraint towards excess , and the richness of aromas at its core.

From the conception it was clear what Ferrier 30 would look like: a modern, sleek and refined interior, beautiful and timeless, and at the same time without distracting too much attention. The emphasis had to be on the dishes and the wines. And of course the service, which would be strictly professional, as well as relaxed and personal enough to make everyone feel welcome and recognized.

On November 1, 2021, Ferrier 30 was taken over by new owners , Miguel Dheedene and Aisha Van Zele. They invariably swear by Stefano Lampis golden concept, and will therefore make few or no conceptual changes.

There is always a fun and busy atmosphere at Ferrier. We are very happy to welcome you!